Standing up an analytics capability within an organization offers clients a substantial competitive advantage in the marketplace. In today’s environment where data overflows from just about any source, companies need to be efficient in understanding what information exists and where to focus.

We cover the entire spectrum off the process including:

  • Analytics strategy

  • Data acquisition and validation

  • Analytics operating model

  • Technology platform

  • Analysis framework

  • Analytics resourcing

  • Output Activation

Market Strategy Analysis

Pricing Distribution Analysis

Analytics strategy

Mapping out the objectives, scope, stakeholders and other critical elements that are foundational to a successful organization analytics capability.

Data acquisition and validation

Putting together a data plan that supports overall analytics objectives. Everything from evaluating current data doing sourcing new information where there are gaps.

Analytics operating model

Designing a process to efficiently handed analytics requests. Considering every aspect of the process from initial analytics request to ensuring the output is actionable and achievable.

Technology platform

Implementing a centralized data hub and an associated analytics engine including the user interface. Whether it be commercial software, Open – source applications, or custom built solutions, we will give you objective guidance on your best path forward.

Analysis framework

Building a set of standardized analytics do it effectively guide day today business decisions, while providing flexibility for custom root – cause analysis.

Analytics resourcing

Designing an Analytics organization that is both sized appropriately and contains the appropriate analytical horsepower. We help you with everything Fromm for org design, to authorizing requisitions, to candidate screening.

Output activation

Ensuring a path from analytics output to improvement implementation. Without action, analytics are a moot point.  Keeping an eye on the price is essential to avoid becoming the victim of ‘analysis paralysis’.