Attack your pricing – boost your profitability

A Targeted Approach

We offer a wide variety services that are tailored to your specific growth needs.  We specialize in revenue and profitability improvement through a deep understanding of your transactional data combined with expertise and experience across the sales, marketing, and operations functions.

  • Data Driven – Business & profit performance built from the sales transaction  level

  • Research Led – Gaining & integrating market insights from customers

  • Results Orientated – Analysis that is actionable and implementable

We have delivered hundreds of improvement opportunities to our clients founded on actionable data, market intelligence, and best practices.  We utilize an efficient project management structure to keep our projects on time, in scope, and on budget.  Our collaborative style fosters open, productive conversations and interactions that produce results.

Our approach

Pricing Strategy

You’re pricing strategy is your revenue generation foundation. We will help you develop a pricing strategy specific to your competitive landscape and alignment with your corporate objectives.


Data Analytics & Insight

Understanding your transactional data inside and out is critical to understanding how well you are meeting market demands and positioning yourself for future growth.


Customer Segmentation

Understanding that your customers may be similar at the highest level but very different once you start to understand their behaviors, attitudes, and ambitions is a foundation of growth. We will help you develop a segmentation based on business context, value to your company, and other critical attributes so you can align your pricing and go-to-market effectively.


Market Research

Do you really know why your customers make deals with you (or don’t)? Understanding customer insight and willingness to pay is a critical component of setting optimal prices and maximizing profitability.


Discount Management

Do you have control over your discounting? Has your sales force turn from company stewards to customer advocates? We will help you identify unwarranted discounting and design controls to stop profit leakage.


Technology Implementation

Spending an exorbitant amount of time trying to get basic profitability information from your systems? We have the experience of some of the largest and most complex pricing software implementations and can help you determine what type of tool will provide you the most value for your business.


You Are In Good Hands

The Profit Intelligence® team prides ourselves on delivering significant value to our clients.

We deliver value across all aspects of the pricing spectrum and have very experienced consultants who have been in the trenches themselves – we make sure delivering value to our clients is our top priority as we continue to push ourselves to be on the forefront of strategic thinking.

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