Implementing a segmentation framework across the customer portfolio offers clients the ability to turbo-charge their market facing actions, resulting in more satisfied customers and more profit in the bank.  In today’s competitive marketplace, understanding who you are selling to, and why they are (or aren’t) buying, is paramount for long-term success.

We employ a holistic approach to segmentation including:

  • Segmentation Strategy

  • Variable Acquisition and Validation

  • Segmentation Operating Model

  • Technology Platform

  • Segmentation Approach

  • Segmentation Resources

  • Output Activation

Profit intelligence  Segmentation Methodology

Segmentation Clustering Analysis

Segmentation Strategy

Define the objectives, scope, stakeholders and other critical elements that are foundational to implementing a successful segmentation.

Variable Acquisition and Validation

Defining all the data elements that could be part of the segmentation criteria –  everything from the typical common demographic (B2C) / firmographic (B2B) Data, to needs-based data, and beyond.

Segmentation Operating Model

Designing a steady-state process for segmentation within the organization, including every aspect of the process such as defining who will maintain the data & Model, how often the model will be run, Data refresh frequency, ensuring the output is actionable, etc.


Technology platform

Constructing a centralized segmentation data hub as well as the engine used to model, process, and run the segmentation analytics.  Whether it be commercial software, Open source applications, or custom built solutions, we will give you objective of guidance on your best path forward.

Segmentation Approach

Identifying the segmentation approach to be used based on the type,  availability and quantity of data as well as the targeted need for segmentation.  The segmentation approach should include  the segmentation method(s) ( i.e. Clustering,  classification,  max-Diff   etc.),  as well as the  classification algorithm and other elements.

Segmentation Resources

Designing in segmentation function that is both efficient and technically capable –  we help you with everything  from the function design,  to authoring  requisitions, to candidate screening.

Output activation

Segmentation activation is arguably the most important part of the process.  Without action based on segments, the entire segmentation effort is wasted.  It is essential to keep end goals in mind when designing and conducting segmentation activities.  We hope you’ll build momentum in the organization behind the segmentation of work so that it carries through to execution.